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Promoting environmentally-responsible behaviour

One of the most important principles of J.J. Darboven is to be responsible and conduct business in a sustainable manner, which is why:

  • We offer you free fair trade-certified coffee.
  • We not only make sure that you have a comfortable stay, but also that we contribute to the common good, which is why we only use environmentally-friendly cosmetics in refillable dispensers.
  • Our hotel is equipped with a free water dispenser, which helps us reduce harmful plastic production.
  • We want to be responsible, which is why we have replaced single-use plastic utensils with biodegradable ones.
  • We encourage our guests to replace their bathing towels less frequently and contribute to reducing the pollution caused by cotton manufacturing. You decide how frequently your towels are replaced.
  • All detergents used by us come from concentrates, which allows us to reduce the use of plastic containers by up to 40 times. In addition, the "spray & mop" system greatly reduces the amount of water used for cleaning.
  • All our hygiene items come from recycling, without compromising their premium quality.
  • Our breakfast buffet utilises a minimum amount of single-use plastic containers for products such as ketchup, jam and butter.
  • We use products made by local food providers, which greatly reduces the air pollution resulting from their transportation.